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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Questions (Tagged)

1. Nama timangan anda? (Your nickname?)
> Na-At home (",)
> Ilyana-Kindergarten (Innocent time, full name)
> Il-Primary School (Sounds like I'm sick. I'm Ill)
> Ilya-Secondary Shool (My sister's name too, which made her brag all day bout me loving her name. Yuckie~)
> Yana-PLKN (Serious shit I hate it when they call me this)
> Fira-Matriculation College in Pahang. KmPh.
> Aza-IPGM Penang Campus (Present one)
> Fina-English Language Camp 2008
> Naza-Badan Pencegah Rasuah Camp 2008

2. Anda seorang yang... (You are....)
>Revengeful. Friendly although physically, I'm not. At least, that's what people told me before. :)

3. Insan Teristimewa..Describekan dia yang terlalu istimewa di mata anda.. (The most special person. Describe about him/her...)
> Okay, I'm smiling now ;) Besides my FnF, Mohd Nor Hafizi bin Abdullah. Describe him? His smile, his laughter, the way he talks, his predictable actions, his unpredicatble thoughts, his kindness, his generosity, his knowledge, the way he controls anger, the way he treats me, the way he makes me feel, his love, the way he misses me, his calls, the... Um, shall I go on to the next question...? :)

4. Lagu kesukaan anda (Your favourite song)
> Have tons of it. Don't wanna specify any here.

5. Makanan kesukaan anda... (Your favourite food)
> Anything chocolaty or have that vanilla taste. Um, I eat almost anything. As long as it is halal, I'll try it. Heh :)

6. Tag 5 rakan anda
-1. Don't wanna force nyone here. So, for anyone kekeringan idea, can take this one.


mR.DaNy GiGa-HeRtZ said...

mak aih!!!banyaknye name??? penuh ape ae???

chris@dotagaki said...

u missed so many nicknames... mental, gigi besi, aza kening, bum bum... should i go on? I still love my life tau.

anak pak man said...

hi yana! (saja nak bagi menyampah) haha

tgklah, insyaAllah, saya sahut cabaran tag ini klau rajin..

Nobita Swan*.^ said...

haha. nme pnoh? ilyana zafirah :)

haha. chris~!!!

good2 wahai anak pakman :)

The Exquisite Instigator said...

haih. accidently dropped comment through swan's page :P

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