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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm such a hottie~

Fuh, seriously, sgt2 lah panas lately nie. Okay, to be honest, before nie, I took my shower once in 3-7 days if I'm back at home. (But hey, I'm saving water!) Sgt lah susah utk mengeluarkan peluh jika di rumah. Except when I go jogging of course. But then, since the day I got back here from Penang, 290509, I have to take my shower at least once in two days. If not, I'm getting burned up. It makes me wanna go to the swimming pool everyday. Seriously, it's freaking hot nowadays, no matter where you are. Even if I'm staying in an air-conditioned room all day long, that doesn't keep me from the heat outside :( It just makes my skin dehydrates faster. *Sigh~

I'm an environmentalist (Well, not the extreme one, but enough to avoid this earth from being destroyed, on my part the least). When I learned bout the environment in my Social Studies, I had to carry out tasks that required me to google the facts up and search some videos on YouTube. The datas and information that I gathered were enough to surprise me. I feel like this planet is gonna blow up any time soon and the authorities are aware of that. Yet, not much has been done to control this situation from getting outta hand.

Please citizens, help this world to minimize the sufferings of those living on it, and it's not just us...

Note: It's hard to save water by not taking shower these days...


kacipcrew said...

omg,,i tot i'm the only one who takes extra showers this hols.. although sometimes it rains here but it doesn't change the fact that my body is getting hotter *auw*

chris@dotagaki said...

You're such a NOTtie, same goes to kacip. Gedik and busyuk! haha xP

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Haha. PD, we're on the same side! ;) Heh... Except that, I'm hotter than u ;)

Haha. Chris, since when did i become I nottie? No lah. Such a kind, adorable, sweet person I am ;)

Basuh Baju said... seyh..haha pewwiittt..haha

xpyh shower2..menyelam je..kan senang..haha

The Exquisite Instigator said...

2 r. sng je kn... xperlu nk mnd2 :)

Anonymous said...

haha tertipu. i thought u meant the other "hottie" hahahahaha

Kfid said...

lol. mndi mmg bez. hahah

justice said...

2la pasal
memang SANGAT panas skarang ni

Duke Luce Dell'amore said...


teech ryza said...

huaa..aza tipuu..
kata kecik nanges2 kt umah..
eceyh..suwo owg s2d utk sem 3 lak..
medeka a dulu..
btw name nk `up` jek c aza neh

neohalis said...

Ha3x...tgk skali cam dy ni seksi n sgt cantik. Rupa2 nye pu3 lilin. x tahan panas. Erm...pasni ni wat iglu kat Alaska ye. x panas. x yang mandi pon. Ley jd org asli eskimo. He3x.

Cahaya Hazrini said...

thanks for dropping by my blog.. =)

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Haha. Xde la ttipu sgt pn kn. Cz I really am hot ;) Haha :P

Haha. Kfid, xbes lgsg!

Justice: Xske pns2 :(

Duke Luce Dell'amore: :)

Haha. Xde nye. Tol r tu. Haih. Dh r soh jd follower dy tp dy x bace pn my blog. Xksh pn en rizal x follow tp jenguk my blog pn x. Huu. Mjok. Nk g kat blog dy blk nie. Hoho.

Neohalis: Mmg cantik pn diriku ini ;) Xperlu disangsikan lg. Heh. Jp, KAMUS! "x yang mandi pn". Pnggunaan "yang" d c2. Heh. Nk btau geng dy :P

Cahaya Hazrini: Thanx 2 u 2 :)

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