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Friday, July 17, 2009


There are two recent incidents that I think require maturity to make decision. Some may not think so, but for me, it does.

Incident 1: Batch reunion (June 27)
My choices:
.Skip my replacement class and go to the batch reunion at Enot's house and have wonderful time with beloved and long lost friends.
.Go to the replacement class with Madam Soo Hoo on that same day and miss the excitements of meeting my dear friends.
I had to choose between going back home that Friday and meet up my friends the next day or, stay in the institute because on the 27th got replacement class. After much thinking, I decided to go back home. I asked permission from my mum and she said no. Surprisingly, my dad allowed me and I was so happy at that moment. So, I decided to go back at 3.30pm that Friday. After packing up my things, I played the computer games. Somehow, I couldn't concentrate much as the guilt started to conquer me. At 3pm, that's it. I called my mum and told her that I won't be coming back because of that. Mum said that "Good girl. That shows you're matured enough to think of that." I was proud but at the same time, felt =( because I didn't get to go the reunion. Most friends attended the reunion but I didn't regret much. At least I gained some knowledge from attending the replacement class.

Incident 2: Trip with dear friends (July 18)
My choices:
.Go to Teluk Bahang and have unforgettable happy, fun, exciting memories with them.
.Go back to Shah Alam and reunite with all the other 7 members of the family for the last time within 3 years of time as Zani will be going to Sabah and never come back here for the next 36 months.
At first, there were 12 of us. Kucing, Kodok, Lalat aka Cicak, Tapir, Meen, Koja, Asreen, Farah, Rin, Iwa, Myra and I. One by one withdrew. First, it was Koja. Then, Meen. Later, followed by Rin and the last one was Asreen. Their reasons of drawing back were reasonable. So, we didn't mind that much. So, that night (16 July 2009), we discussed the plans of what we'll be doing over there. All the 8 that was left were there. After much discussion, we ended the meeting. That night, I thought that there was something bothering me but I'm not sure what that was actually. The next morning, it came down to me when I read the messages I received the night before. Mum sent to me... "Gd nite sweetie pie. Evrybody xcpt u. Sdeh hu hu :-( btw hows d rslt" I realized that my family was hoping for me to be at home that weekend. Everyone's back except me. I felt guilty. Seriously I couldn't concentrate much on ELT and L&L class. I was messaging others and asking their opinions. I asked from all the other 7 people going and Hilmi too. Honestly, it wasn't much of wanting to go to Teluk Bahang and enjoy the precious moments there but I was berbelah bg because it would be bad for everyone if i tarik diri last minute. After getting their opinions, they, (except Mira and Myra) told me to go back since family should come first. Thanx a lot for understanding~ Um, Myra also seemed to have to go back because something came up with her family that morning. So, I decided that I should go back home. Thanx to the friends that understand my situation and postponed the trip.

So, now, here I am, writing this out. I'm glad I made this decision. FiZi, came to pick me up. Only Ilya knew earlier that I'll be back home and she was happy to hear that. Next, there was Elli. Her eyes bulged when she saw me in the doorway (with smile on her face of course). She ran down the staircase upon seeing me. Haha. Then, mama's turn to be surprised. After that, abah, and soon after,Zani and Baby. They're happy that we're all under one roof. I wonder where abah will be taking us out tomorrow. Yay!! Can't wait ;)

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