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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Manchester United? Naahh~

Today will be the big game between Malaysia and MU. Who will win? Just wait and see.

Malaysian supporters are supposed to wear YELLOW shirts. Not necessarily the jersey but any yellow shirt will do. So, we'll see if there are any Malaysian wearing the MU jersey tonight.

MU fans have been waiting for a few months for this match. However, there are some that were waiting for certain players to come over and are disappointed to learn that they've moved to another club. For example, this caller of said that she had bought the tix for that night. One day, she realized that she lost that tix while moving out. She searched everywhere and was sad to find it missing. But then, when one of the MU players is announced to have been bought by another club, she was so happy that she didn't care about the lost of the tix.

Well, obviously you must know that player I'm talking bout. Yes, yes. That one that most girls go gaga over. (Tidak termasuk saya) Urgh, saya sangat sangat sangat tidak suka MU before this. But when this Cristiano Ronaldo guy went off to Real Madrid, my hatred towards MU lessen. Hehe.

How I wish Chelsea will be coming to Malaysia instead of Manchester United.

Hail The Blues.
Boo The Red Devils.

Eheh. No offence to the MU supporters.


Si_KuduS™ said...

Glory-glory Man United.....!!!!

The Exquisite Instigator said...

xmo xmo. MU xbes :(

apek said...

booo MU..go ARSENAL..hahaha

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Yes! de penyokong :D bkn chelsea supporter pn xpe. asalkan MU hater ;)

Anonymous said...

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together we stand behind the nation...

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