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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Annoying? I'm annoyed.

Objective: Are you mean and sarcastic? Have you ever answered people ‘meanly’ and sarcastically? If yes, show us how mean and sarcastic you are! If no, then you should try at least once in your life with this note.

Rule: Respond to these as sarcastic/mean as you could. (YR stands for Your Response.)
[Note: I’m not this mean in real life (hopefully). This is just my jab on this tag, and I did my best to sound as much like a jerk as possible.] Enjoy!

If an annoying person says:
1) I am cute.
YR: I suggest that you get eyes surgery ASAP.

2) I am the most beautiful/handsome.
YR: An optometrist is someone you should see.

3) See, everyone likes me because I am rich and famous!
YR: They like your money, not you.

4) Unlike you, I am perfectly multi-skilled. I do everything very well from sports to academic thingy.
YR: But your attitude sucks.

5) You don’t know me? I am Bruneian artist; I have albums.
YR: FYI, I have photo albums. In fact, a lot of them.

If an annoying hot woman/man says:
1) I know you like me.
YR: Gosh, what a bad and terrible instinct you have. Honestly, people say that we chould trust our instinct but in this case, you definitely shouldn't trust yours.

2) What are you looking at? I am not interested in you!
YR: I'm sorry. I just can't look away. You're just the most disgusting, horrible, weird piece of shit I've ever seen.

3) Sorry, you are nice but seriously not my type!
YR: It's bad that you're looking for a low class woman.

4) UNLESS you are rich, then don’t dream that I will get a ride with you!
YR: Don’t worry, I don’t even have a car, but I do have manners.. Want some? (This one is taken from Anuar. Don't wanna change it. I love this line :D)

5) Look, I am pretty/handsome; I can make people hate you!
YR: That's God's work, not yours.

If an annoying extremely ugly woman/man says:
(For me: It's bad to say these to someone ugly. It's not my job to judge them as ugly. Seriously. Because I'm not that beautiful either but, the instruction up there told me to do so. Sorry. But what to do, you're annoying too.)
1) I think you and I can make a good couple.
YR: Please stop dreaming.

2) May I have your cell phone? Please please please?
YR: 016-35842... Hope you've a brain up there on how to search for the other two numbers.

3) Hi, wanna hang out? I want you to be with me the whole night.
YR: Go hang yourself.

4) What do you like about me?
YR: I like you when you stop bothering me. Thank you.

5) I want you to say that I am pretty/handsome and you like me sooooo much!
YR: I'm sorry. My religion doesn't teach me how to lie. I could go to hell for that, you know...

If your enemy says:
1) Hi bitch!
YR: Am I that beautiful like the beach in Sipadan? (Using pun here.)

2) You smell like shit!
YR: Is that literary or what?

3) What an ugly creature you are!
YR: Please don't say that to yourself. Stop your self reflection.

4) I am going to kick your ass in this race for sure!
YR: Do you know what a race is? It's not the art of boxing and kicking.

If your annoying ex says: (Pardon me, he's not annoying.)
1) I still love you...
YR: Yes, I know. Everyone loves me... That's a general knowledge.

2) I know you still love me!
YR: Too bad that the things you know are non-existent.

3) Please, go back with me honey/hubby.
YR: I know I'm as sweet as honey. I could cause you diabetes you know.

4) Please call me...
YR: "(the name)". Done, I've called you.

5) The break up hurt me so much.
YR: Our relationship hurt me so much. The break up was a refreshment ;) Thank you.

If an annoying salesperson says:
1) Wow! You are so pretty/handsome!
YR: You're talking as if I dunno that.

2) Seriously, I used this product and I've changed!
YR: OMG. I don't want my face to be like yours. (If for facial la)

3) We are giving a discount up to 50%!
YR: That thing isn't worth even after 100% discount.

4) This one is good sir/madam. Buy sir/madam, buy.
YR: It's good. Not the best.

All done!

Btw, about the note up there, "I'm not this mean in real life." Well, I really can be this mean, maybe even meaner.


athirah mohamed~ said...

you mean!
and sarcastic too!

*wow. agak best mengutuk disini. sekian, terima kasih*


anak pak man said...

that "note" about not being that mean in real life was my personal touch on the tag, xsangka u took it also..

Good one!

bangibookseller said...

Improve your English thru' reading.. Sila lawat untuk buku2 dlm B. Inggeris. Harga boleh runding.. TK

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Haha. Thanx Tret 4 being honest :P :D

Anak pak man, sgt bes la. haha. ofcoz i'll take it.

so, whoever wnna improve ur english, go to bangibookseller's blog :)

meen said...

aza..u tak ske i ke? u mrh ke i sllu reply u in a sarcastic or mean way? (i dun intend to, u je yg slalu ckp i mean). of kos i dun intend to annoy u. cuz u urself r just TOO annoying. hahah ooopsy, i just did it again :(

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Haha. mmg! xske minnie or ezy to say MEANIE~! hoho.

Att Ashburn said...

nice answers..very nice...haha

arque said...


The Exquisite Instigator said...

Att: Haha. nice kn. Klu org jwb cmnie kt u, cmne. heh. tp xpe... I know u xkn jd annoying. :D

Arque: Hehe. Xbaik kn...

neohalis said...

I proud to be number one.
YR: Never mind. My favorite number is 2 :D

The Exquisite Instigator said...

haha. halis nie, wt quiz sndiri lak :P

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