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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Talk bout etiquettes.

Owh. I never knew that there are people who do not know the etiquette. What's the problem with them? This came up to me when I encountered a woman just now at the Queensbay Mall. Here's my story.

When I was walking out of the toilet, I noticed that my shoe lace was quite undone. So, I bent over to tie it up. As I was about to do so, suddenly, a woman that came from the opposite direction nearly knocked me over. I was about to say sorry when she spontaneously yelled at me, "Woi, jalan pandang depan la~!" ("Hey, watch ur steps!" Or if translated directly, "Hey, you walk, look in front la~!") OMG. I stopped and just looked at her.

I just lost words coz I never thought that people like that exist nowadays. Hurm. Is it possible that this happens because of their lost of respect towards each other? Where's the human sense that we've learned back then in our primary school? If I were the type of person that would shout back vulgar words to her, just imagine what the situation would turn out to be like. The next thing I know, maybe my face will be put up in, having a fight with someone I never knew. Nevertheless, I don't think so I'll reply back as I was too dumbfounded. Didn't their parents teach the lessons of life? Or are they just being too ignorant thinking it would make them superior? Well, NO! It hurt others, you know. Urgh~I just hate it when this happens.


kacipcrew said...

OH.. it's u.. no wonder ur profile sounds quite 'evil'.. now i know.. bcoz it's u.. n that's the end of my question.

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Haha. Evil huh?

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