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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tagged by violetz

Tagged by Violetz~

What Were You Doing 5 Years Ago ?
.5 years ago? How old was I back then? Hurm... 14? Owh, I was in Form 2. Well...
..I was busy understanding one of the Mathematics syllabus which was 'Bulatan'. Owh, I was such a bummer when it came to that topic. Haih.
..Was it that year my school reached it's 30th/31st anniversary? I was getting ready for the violin performance which then made me hate him so damn much~!
..Got my first SIM card which I'm still using till now although after several times losing it. Owh, I love that number.
..I was also busy with my theater for the National Level in Sekolah Menengah Sains Tengku Faris Petra. (Sorry if I spelled that wrongly).
..That was all, I guess.

What Were 5 Things On Your To Do List Today (30 November 2008)?
Today? Now it's 0055. Great! It's the beginning of a new day. The list:
.Get enough sleep.
.Call him.
.Walk around the house.
.Go swimming maybe?

What Are 5 Snacks That You Enjoy?
Sorry can't answer this question. I'm not into any kinda snacks.

What Are 5 Things That You Do If You Were Billionaire?
Buy a new house complete with the furniture and my dream cars.
.Donate to others.
.Fulfill my parents', family's and friends' needs and wishes, if it could be bought with money.
.Buy all the things I've ever wanted when I was poor.
.Spend it for my education.

What Are 5 Jobs You've Had?
.A friend.

Who Are 5 Persons You Want To Tag ?
.PD (Revenge is sweet ;))


Violetz said...

Well Done!!!

Wow, u're still using ur no
since f2?

:( my 1st sim is when i'm in
primary 5 that was in 1998..
and it last till 2006..
geez, like 8,9years.
Waa.. syg dat no...
What to do..
Dah arwah dh no tuh.. :(

The Exquisite Instigator said...

La. Why didn't u renew that number, like I did? Aiyoyo~ Pity u.

Thanx for tagging me ya~ Cz I was really outta idea on what to write for my blog. Huhu.

Rabiatul Adawiyah said...

you outta idea ya? hehehehe~ here we go~ another tag! have fun... i've seen ur pic in the frenster... lets see your face when you morph it with one of the celebrity... just follow the instruction ya?

Violetz said...

Haha.. y eh?
becauce it was prepaid at first..
then my MOM want to make it into
line.. maka jadilah line no ituu..
dgn itu penggunaan nyer tak dpt
di control n telah mencecah
angka 200 lebehh bilnyer..

teruklah dimarahi ibubapa ku..
terminate trus line tuh..
T_T begitulah al-kisahnya..

but now dh pkai line balik..
no dlu tuh maxis.. hehe..
lgpun byk kenangan pahit with
that no.. so.. let it be terminate with the no.. :)

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Adah: Hehe. Thanx:D Kebosanan ku ilang seketika.

Violetz: Oh, now I know. No wonder:)

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