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Friday, May 18, 2012


It's currently 7.02am and I've a briefing at 9 which means I'll be in trouble if I decide to sleep now. Um... What should I do now ey? What bout posting some random pictures here... 

Note that some are hopelessly pointless. 

A Birthday Cake for Tithoh  

The camwhore partner.

The wallpaper.

The most common background

The not so common.

The most common dilemma

Mix and uh... not so match

The road to my house.
Credit: BB.

Fav junk food



Sunset: The view from the federal highway.

Not the final goodbye.

Last words from Ms Letch for the exam.

Zawa and Zeda

ABC and the phone I miss.

Chris' way of making me happy.

Love test.

Something that I eat less nowadays

So that's it. I fell asleep while waiting for the pictures to load.
And now I've to rush off. Tata!~

- Later! 
.:ilyanafauzy signing off at 09:02am GMT +8:00:.

1 comment:

JungRara said...

Love test..woot woot

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