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Monday, May 21, 2012

Macquarie University: I'm over it. Not.

I thought I'm over it but no...
Lemme just share with you what I did on my second last day in Macquarie University.
That day was specially reserved to laze around the uni...

Where we practiced futsal and netball.

Happiness is obvious.

Cafe in the background.

The mini waterfall leading to the fountain.

The bowl-like field.

The graduates.

The logo.

The leaf with lemongrass fragrance.

The half-hidden logo.

The logo and the teddy.

The graduation teddy.

The courtyard.

Exploring the uni.

Wrong moment to blink. I know!

The ever-reliable zebra crossing.

A monkey on the move.

Shiny feather.

A not-so-mirrored pose.

One of the many tame birds.

Mereka ibarat gagak di Malaysia. Bersepah.

On the way to the library.

The new library.

Final pose in front of it - on the grass.

The carpet.

I miss lying on it...

Thinking of the future.

Will miss the technologies.

Final pose in front of it - standing.

On the way to Macquarie Center.

11 days before Christmas.

Our favourite Asian store.

These pictures were taken a day before my flight to Malaysia. I will definitely come here again someday... InsyaAllah.

-The exam's over. Just counting the days for the semester break. Yay?

.:ilyanafauzy signing off at 06.01am GMT +08:00:.


antara said...

hihihi.. ^^ you sure will.

sya mansor said...

rinduuuuuuuuuuu :(

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