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Monday, December 12, 2011


(Fuhh. Fuuuhhh...)
*The sound of me blowing something off..*

Oyeah. That's me blowing the dust off this blog.
I just realized that the traffic to this blog keeps increasing gradually despite me not updating it.
Sorry dear followers. Will try to make it up to you.
Not a promise but I'll try...

Aunty Ilyana. Hihi.

See you soon :~)

Owhhh. And did I tell you? I'm going back to Malaysia for good on the 15th. 
3 days to go...
Excited? Um, well.... 


- There's not much time left to shrink my size. Hehe. 

.:ilyanafauzy signing off at 12.41pm (GMT +8.00):.

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