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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Just some random thoughts...

.:15 November 2011:.
With exactly a month before I leave this unpredictable weathered country...
I'm unsure of what I've achieved.

Stayed at uni with Jijol till 3am.
It was 12 Celsius and we didn't wear much to keep us warm.

Malaysia's waiting. Australia's shooing.

This enormous gap seems to grow bigger by day.
As if it's never-ending.
You in your world. Me in my world. 
Awkwardness fills in the gap.

Distance changes people.
Relationships changes friendships.
Friends become strangers.
Time changes everything...

- I'll be having my final exam for my MATH106 tomorrow morning. Wish me luck. I need it.

.:ilyana.fauzy signing off at 09.14pm:.


Darab Dua said...

good luck teacher! chill2!

antara said...

geeezz... lamenye baru nak update ye. =)

good to 'hear' from you. after quite some while. hehe

dayangkueffazulaikha said...

All the best sis!! ^_^ Chaiyok2!

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