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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Motivational thoughts...

After a few months of nothing here, here's a special post to everyone that has supported me throughout this life.

I never thought that this day would come crashing by...

Simple words such as:
  • We love u
  • Always here for u
  • Be strong
  • Hold on
I never thought that these words mean so much to me. Thank u everyone. And I mean,



sya mansor said...


go aza go!!!
i know u're strong :)

chris_lim said...

mok mok... si gemok!

Im such an encouraging person :)

reenkyra said...

keep standing when standing is not easy.. =D

boll said...

go gurl!!!
always wif u

Si_KuduS™ said...

poyo.. jiwang.. peace..=p

SJ said...

sweet simple touchy words

A smile from SJ =)

The Exquisite Instigator said...

thanx sya ;) i rili m strong!

haha. chris! why cant u stop being jeles of me??owh okay. i know why. coz ure so full of imperfectness and im perfect. haha ;)

thanx mike~ standing is really ez when u've ur loved ones to support u. :) Never forget ur family and friends coz they're always there when u need them

Mie, thanx for ur effort to keep on supporting me :)

hadi, "Jiwang itu indah" quoted from a friend :)

SJ. smiling back to u ;)

NuR _QudS said...

seems like dh lame u x update blog?! huhu..miss yaa

Si_KuduS™ said...

still poyo...

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Nur Quds, I'm back :) but tatau la bila nk rajin update nieh. huhu

ee. hadi dengki. it rhymes! :P

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