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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I came home today... The house was quiet. I didn't peek inside my housemate's room cz I never do that if the door's closed. Takut lah kalau-kalau housemate segan dia tdoq ke apa kan... So, I entered my room, changed, solat and mengadap laptop. 

Bout an hour later... I received a text from my housemate."Slm bye adk kiut. lintas jln elok2 ye pg esok..." WHAT?! I totally forgot that she's heading home today. Kedah. So, for the next two nights, I'll be alone. I'll walk to school alone. I'm not ready for this....! Huuu. Laju jeee ayaq mata ngalir. 

I dunno why but the image of mum leaving me suddenly crossed my mind. Ya Allah... Sedihnya... Sedihnya... Sedihnyaaaaa... Huuuu. I need to get outta here. Go lepak elsewhere. Wherever there are people around. Em. Tapiii... Tu lah... Nak keluar pun malas. Ada sesiapa nak ajak keluar? Better sleep ey? Gd night. Eh, maghrib luuu... 

- Moved to an apartment near my school.
- Walk to school every morning.
- Living near Jalan Ipoh, Jalan Kuching area 

.:ilyana.fauzy signing off at 19:41 (GMT +8:00):.

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