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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pergi Jahanamlah Kau!


On my previous post, (DAMN YOU!), it's not who u think.

Well, recently, there's an unfortunate event that has happened. So, a lot of people thought that I was writing about that thing. But, the post I did earlier is about a girl I hate VERY very VERY MUCH, and has nothing to do with what just happened.

About the incident, I've no comment even though the victim is someone quite close to me. Before this, another thing has happened in our cohort. And now we act like there's nothing. So, I hope that everyone can cool off since the victim himself doesn't make a big fuss over it. He himself prefer to keep everything back to normal.

If you want to get angry at her, go and yell and shout it out loud to her, one on one. Jangan nak perli-perli dari jauh. Tu pengecut namanya. I'm sure she has learnt her lesson and won't do it again. Tapi seriously, what she did was wrong. VERY VERY WRONG! Especially when it involves people that are innocent and close friends. Sigh~


arque said...

tak paham lah post ni.
kene bace previous nye entry dulu kot.huhu.

Andy said...

my first time here...and..i agrees with the quotes- everyone makes mistake :')

ps: welcome to my blog

meen said...

hope u can cool off too okay aza, jgn benci2 sgt, nanti wat hati lg sakit je. :D

sya mansor said...

dun think much bout it ok?
it's just a waste of time.
u got lots more to do in ur life rather than bothering bout her..

p/s: aza bukan mcm ni kn?
aza mental! :D

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Arque, yup, u have to read the previous one :)

Thanx andy for stopping by. Will be dropping by ur page later.

Meen and sya, thank u very much. How I wish she's dead. Huhuhu~ Aza mentallll~!! Huhu

elli:)) said...

alaaaaaa.x fahaamm.haha..nk gak nyebok:)

The Exquisite Instigator said...

eh, adekku~! huhu. xde papep. kakakmu ini bencikan seseorang yang teramat sangat.

faridcool said...

wahh.. byk nye gmbr dlm blog ko nih..

The Exquisite Instigator said...

haha. gmbr pe yg byk nye...? xde nye. hoho.

chris_lim said...

oops salah orang

andy said...

thanx drop me your comment on my blog. :)

Maganda said...

garang nya dia. (: ehehe. try to calm down okay (: hopefully u'll be fine

Nobita Swan*.^ said...

Thanx for ur support everyone. the internet is very slow. So, i dont feel like logging out and signing back in. sO, I'm using my fren's account to comment on this post.

It's okay chris. at least, u nw know the right person oredy :)

andy, ure welcome :) anytime~

Maganda, now dah cool dah. time tu je :) biasalah. u know... girls... periods... haha~

ilya_vio06 said...

nana!! ilya dah ade google acc! cool.hehe~ :))

The Exquisite Instigator said...

yay! kakakku dh maju! :)

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