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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When not knowing what's best to kill the time...


1. 1 word best describe you?
+ Indescribable ;)
2. your worst habit?
+ Sleep with the elio basi byk2. Hehe.
3. day or night person?
+ Night, too bad :(
4. left or right handed?
+ I'm a righty :D
5.favorite colour ?
+ Blue. Baby blue to be specific :)
1. your parents names
+ Mohd Fauzy and Mashithah
2. where do your family live?
+ Section 12, Shah Alam
3. siblings
+ Sixty six. Heh. Six only :)
4. nicknames
+ Ilya, Il, Aza, Fina, Fira, Yana (Btw, I hate when people call me this because it's only for certain loved ones), Nana. Huhu. Anyone can suggest a new one?
5. closest in d family
+ Ilyana Zafirah. Heh.
1. your current education
+ B. Ed TESL. Or izzit TESOL? Uh, not sure.
2. favorite school/university
+ Sekolah Kebangsaan Seksyen 9.
3. best exam result
+ Drjh 1, all 100% except BM, 99.5%. Haha. So funny recalling the moment when I was furious with my teacher. Gosh, sy sungguh comel ;)
4. worst exam result
+ Hate to admit this but kat Sek Agama, Bahasa Arab, 3%, And secondary school, Add Math 12%. Huhu. Old memory. It's okay. At least, I scored A2 for my Add Math in my SPM examination ;)
5. favorite class/subject
+ English, as it has always been :)
1. your bestfriends
+ Mohd Nor Hafizi bin Abdullah <3Adibah Mokles, Liyana Zakaria, Sazatul Izyan Alias, Wan Najah Daud and I would say Zawakhair and Amirah Khairilanuar too, and yes, Nurizwah :) 
2. give or take
+ Have given and have taken :) Will give and will take :D
3. do u remember their birthdays
+ Yes, I do. What are friends for..?
4. do you tend to choose friends who have many things in common with u?
+ Yes, but I can get along with most people 
5. life without friends...
+ Equals to EMPTINESS.

1. your status
+ Taken and loving every single bit of it ;)
2. how many times have you fallen in love
+ Twice  Seriously, once I guess.
3. name your current lover
+ The one who is one of my bestfriends. Mohd Nor Hafizi bin Abdullah. He is the current one and will always be. Amin~
4. why are u still with this guy/girl
+ With this thing called love, there's no way I'll stop being with this lovely and adorable man ;)
5. the most important thing in relationship
+ Trust, loyalty, honesty and of course, LOVE itself <3


kacipcrew said...

ni je ko post lame2? ampehs.. can't wait to read another one ;)

Nobita Swan*.^ said...

Mental, u want another new nicknames?
no problem...
Ppl, just call her ular... or snake..
She likes it...hehe^^

chris@dotagaki said...

Aza kening, whrs ur mentalness in d post. Kla, at least get 2 know u better.

The Exquisite Instigator said...

PD: Haha. Okay. Okay. Won't disappoint u nymo. Just wait for another one ;)

Swan: Damn~

Chris: Heh. I knew it that ure curious bout me :D

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