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Friday, February 13, 2015

13 February 2015

13 February 2015.

"Ada apa dengan tarikh?" kata mereka.

Well, exactly 10 years ago was the moment we decided to take our friendship to a new level. It was 2005. I was in Form 4 and he was in Form 5. He never had a girlfriend. So, I assumed that he only liked me because I cared for him a lil more than other girls do. Alhamdulillah, the relationship still continued after we finished school.

I still remember. Ten years ago, some time when I was in Form 4. I was in the toilet doing what people normally do when they're in one. That time, dah fikir dah. Kalau tawen dengan dia nie, pernah dengar orang kata afdhal hari Jumaat. So, that time, I scrolled through my (mother's) 3310...

Image result for 3310 green
The legendary phone

And searched for the closest 13 February that falls on a Friday. "Ah, sudah... Takkan Februari 2009 kottt? Aku baru 19 tahun kot. Tak mungkin mabah bagi kawen masa belajar lagi." So, I went on scrolling for the next one. "Whatttt..?? 2015 nanti? Gilo. 10 tahun tuuuuuu! Tak sanggup. Tak sangguppp. Ah, takpelah. Que Sera Sera..." 

Don't worry.
Saya tak segila itu untuk kira semua nie.
I used
Alhamdulillah, on the 12th of December, a day and two months ago, dengan sekali lafaz, "Saya terima nikahnya Mohd Norhafizi bin Abdullah dengan mas kahwinnya RM300. Sah? Sah." saya selamat bergelar isteri kepada Mohd Norhafizi bin Abdullah. Oh-so-cliche. 

We've gone through the ups and downs of life zaman sebelum kahwin dulu. He has put up with a lot of my nonsense. I'm really really really grateful to have him as my husband. If people ask me, "So, amacam kawen?" I can only answer, "Bestttt sangat!" No words can actually describe how thankful I am to Allah for allowing me to be with him and to FiZi for taking me as his wife. All I can say is, best sangat! :~)

Biaq pi lah depa nak kata:

"Eleh, baru kawen. Tunggu lah nanti dah dua tiga tahun."
"Alaaa. Takde anak lagi boleh lah nak sweet sweet."

Dan lain lain. Whatever. Cuba jangan unhappy kan orang kalau dah life korang tak happy sangat. Let's enjoy this life and the wonderfulness of having each other. Jangan nak spoil sangat mood kita. I'm not saying that our relationship won't turn sour or we won't experience langsung bersedih duka lara bagai tu. No... Kita pun takde jaminan what will happen in the future kan. But... Instead of telling me the downsides of marriages that you guys have gone through, cuba doakan kebahagiaan kitorang. InsyaAllah korang pun akan dapat rasa kebahagiaannya. *Hihi. Emo jap. Maaf ye.

The best part of this marriage that he's a lot sweeter and more understanding and turns into a very romantic person and I'm happy dia tak tunjuk sangat sweetness tu kat orang lain and and and... Eee banyak sangat lah! Hihi. I need not go into details of other stuff about this relationship. I think, all lovers have their own indescribable feelings lepas tawen. Kalau nak tau rasanya camne, tawen lah! ;~) 


 Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

. Currently waiting for FiZi to arrive. Waiting at school. In the rain. Eh, ada bumbung lah. Hehe. He's from KJ. Jem teghok hari Jumaat nieee bak ang!

.:ilyanafauzy signing off at 20:02 (GMT +08:00):.
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